If you're like most people, the mehndi/ sangeet outfit is usually an afterthought. It’s that in between event. Falling in the middle of the week, you’re never really sure if you will attend it. And if you do go, you’re usually rushing to it after work. I’ve always found it hard to shop for. And based on my discussions with past customers; most of you share this frustration. You obviously want something stylish, but you don’t want to be overdressed. And because it’s for the mehndi, you probably want keep it a little traditional and perhaps add a pop of color. One thing is for sure, you definitely don’t want to break the bank on this piece.



I brought on Khara Kapas to check all these boxes! Khara Kapas is a Delhi based brand and provides great options for all pre-wedding events. The designer emphasizes comfort and relaxed silhouettes. All of their pieces are made of pure cotton, which keeps the designs lightweight and breathable. I particularly like the earthy tones and gota patti work. It gives the designs a traditional vibe.



The best part of this brand is the skirts. The gararha and sharara styles are perfect for the mehndi. Don’t like the high-skirt look? No problem! Khara Kapas pieces can be customized in a variety of different styles and colors. Khara Kapas definitely embodies the #LessIsMore concept. You can easily dress these pieces up or keep them more casual.



Want more information about the customization options? Please contact us at info@marketclothing.ca or visit the MARKET showroom this weekend.