A little late in getting this post out... but better late than never. I thought it would be worthwhile since we still get questions about the outfits seen in the show. So here it is. A break down of the design process, show theme and everything in between.



I prepared a whole new collection for this SAFW. Obviously there was going to be a lot of black. But I worked in some white, blush pink and a touch of red. I experimented with more thread embodiment and mirror work. And because it was a runway show I pushed the boundaries a little with lower necklines. We also showcased some of the new designers that we have brought aboard. Despite all this change, I ensured that every design retained the ability to be mix and matched and worn repeatedly!





The show was our first impression on a lot of guests. And we wanted all of them to think #LessIsMore. The edgy and simplistic culture of MARKET needed to resonate in everything from the music and lighting to hair and makeup.




We worked with ThinkMuse to create a custom smoke animation that would play behind the models. The idea was to keep things dark and edgy. I wanted to make it look as if the models were walking out of the smoke.





The music need to be upbeat and reflect my personal taste. It was the right mix of hip-hop, electronic and Indian. Had a few people ask about some the songs so here’s the tracklist.

Opus- Eric Prydz (Four Tet Remix)

Rain- Bicep

Bodak Yellow (Forgotten Modern Remix) - Cardi B

Black Skinhead - Kanye West

Uraguay -  Nora Enpure & Sons of Maria

Tu Hi Mera (Chill Step) - Hypnotica

All that’s left was to walk the runway. And honestly, this was the hardest part. We had never put on a show before. It felt like there was too much time and not enough outfits. We went back and forth with different choreography styles. In the end we removed all the gimmicks and stuck to a straightforward and powerful walk. #LessIsMore