We’re still riding the high from South Asian Fashion Week (SAFW). We’ve been planning this show since our India trip back in October 2018. SAFW 2019 was MARKET’s first runway show and we are very happy with how things turned out. Here’s all the excitement and work that went on behind the scenes during the show day. 



We wheeled in our pieces at 9:30 AM. The steaming and ironing began shortly after. I have a love-hate relationship with ironing. I occasionally find it therapeutic, but it often becomes a real pain after awhile. I’m sure many industry people can relate. Next, we organized the designs based on the order of the models and then paired the jewelry and shoes for each look.



Jewelry is very important! I really feel that jewelry can make or break an outfit. I was so happy to work with Moni and Nav of Mohvi Creations.  The girls were great at complimenting our LESS IS MORE concept. If you haven’t already, check out their pieces!




The models started getting ready at 9AM. The SAFW organizers provided a great team of very talented hair and makeup artists. As always, I wanted a soft glam and effortless look. I stuck with natural shades and wavy hair.




Dressing started at 6PM and all the chaos began. Once makeup and hair was complete, the models began to get dressed. To complicate things, some girls were coming right off the runway from other shows. The pressure was on! Our in-house seamstress was amazing. She adjusted each piece to give it the perfect fit.



At this point of the night, I was thankful to have such a large and helpful team. Having 16 models to dress is a lot of work. We had Manya helping with the styling. Her experience with shows and shoots really showed. The Mohvi Creations girls touched up the jewelry. And a handful of volunteers did everything in between. I could not have done it without them.



We had an amazing pool of models. They all had that MARKET vibe.  A lot was expected of these girls during the course of the week. And I have to say they were professional, super fun and drop dead gorgeous!! I had to name each look after the model that wore it.




8 PM. Go Time! We did one final check and the girls lined up. I was so nervous about everything! But the girls killed it! All in all I hope everyone enjoyed the show. And I’m sooo excited about planning the next one.





Models: Philipa, Ana, Ashwarya, Alysha, Angela, Ankita, Bianca, Havana, Jagmehar, Karen, Marlene, Monica, Nicole, Riyea and Diljott

Backstage Stylist: Manya Sibal

Photographer: Srita Dole

Videographer: Corim De Guzman

Jewelry: Mohvi Creations